Friday, June 26, 2009

Whistleblowing Airline Employees Association Website Launch

To All Our Members

As mentioned a few days ago, our Whistleblowing Airline Employees Association website is now online. Our thanks go out to all those who have helped to spread the word of its launch, as our readership has more than quadrupled in just the past twenty-four hours to include visitors from numerous countries abroad also.

Additionally, numerous aviation safety and security consulting firms, media investigative journalists, and airline passenger rights groups have contacted us for additional information. Our grassroots support is swelling by the hour, but there's still more that can be done to spread the word throughout the airline industry.

Please forward this information to every single airline employee that you know in the industry. The website is still under expansive construction as more information becomes available. Several new pages have been added in the past few days, so please revisit the site. For additional information regarding the scope and nature of our association goals, please visit this page. Additionally, if you know the email address of your local media outlets, please forward this email to them also or, better yet, pay them a personal visit to solicit their support.

With an estimated 1-million years of airline cockpit experience in this country, our collective voices must be heard. As stated on the website, our function is to serve as the grassroots safety voice on Capitol Hill for the millions of passengers who travel by air, as well as airline employees across the nation. Grassroots efforts have no leaders since, by definition, each member of the group is a leader who has garnered the courage to speak out on safety issues that each holds dear to their hearts. These groups are owned and controlled by no one, especially not by the special interests of those on Wall Street, K-Street, and airline corporate board rooms.

Our 'Special Interests' are the millions of air travelers and those professional aircrew members who ensure their safety each day by their dedication to their chosen professions.

"We do not play politics with other peoples' lives."

Spread the Word!

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