Monday, November 30, 2009

Senator Joe Biden

317 Russell Senate Office Building

Washington, D. C. 20515

Dear Senator Biden,

I am writing you with regard to your membership on the Senate Judiciary Committee in reference to the attached correspondence. Kindly excuse my oversight in neglecting to include your name in the ‘cc’ list of these letters as the issues addressed are relevant to your committee as well as other congressional committee members.

As a United Airlines B-777 Captain in the post-9/11 aviation arena, I personally attempted to expose possible federal criminal wrongdoing while United Airlines was in Chapter 11 bankruptcy. The result of my actions cost me my profession, reputation, wife, and the consequent alienation of my two adult children. I was merely being honest in trying to uphold federal law. This is not why I am writing to you. I seek neither celebrity nor remuneration, neither revenge nor reputation. Along with many others, I only ask that the truth be exposed and justice served on any possible white-collar criminals or judicial corruption associated with airline bankruptcies and the subsequent distress-termination of pensions in the post-9/11 era.

It has been stated that many industries have legally discovered loopholes in federal bankruptcy laws that enable companies to drive into Chapter 11, shed their pension obligations to the PBGC/taxpayers, and then emerge a financially healthy company all at the expense of honest employees who have devoted their lives to their career in hopes of their promised pension in retirement. At face value, this appears to have been the case in the United Airlines bankruptcy. Recently surfaced legal evidence may prove otherwise.

The legitimacy of the aforementioned ‘legal’ process wanes with the inclusion of alleged federal judicial corruption coupled with possible illegal White House collusion with certain quasi-governmental agencies such as the PBGC. The playing field is no longer level; unions are disempowered; employees are disenfranchised; corporate executives grow rich. This not only is unfair, it’s illegal. Purportedly, under Bush’s unconstitutional Patriot Act, no honest American citizen can bring indictments against potentially corrupt federal judges for the purposes of impeachment. But you, in your capacity as a Judiciary Committee member, can do so if presentation of valid legal evidence warrants such action.

It is herein that I petition you, along with your fellow committee members, to at least conduct a preliminary investigation into the legal evidence at hand to determine its’ legitimacy and relevance in these matters. It is my sincere hope, on behalf of hundreds of thousands of airline employees nationwide, as well as many other workers in other industries, that these matters are brought to public light through committee hearings and investigations.

I am now and have always been a strong union member and supporter of organized labor nationwide. Kindly do not misconstrue any actions reported by me within the attached correspondence as being anti-union/anti-labor. Nothing could be further from the truth. Any action performed by me was merely meant to protect myself while attempting to speak out in a most hostile political environment against labor. I fully believe that labor was extorted in bankruptcy court illegally and forced to ‘collude’ with management in an anti-labor (and possibly corrupt) court system.

Your attention to these matters is greatly and sincerely appreciated. I know that you are very busy with other issues. I deeply admire your strength of leadership, wealth of experience, and the courage to take a bold stand against a runaway administration that must be impeached for their crimes. Thank you also for many years of dedicated and patriotic service to the citizens of this great nation.

And finally, my sincere thank you for taking the time to review these issues. I will be patiently awaiting your response.

Very Respectfully,

Dan Hanley

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