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2006 Email from Captain Dan Hanley to Air Line Pilots Association Union Officers

Email From Captain Dan Hanley to Air Line Pilots Association national president Captain John Prater and United Airlines union officers Captain Mark Seal and Captain Mark Bathurst of August 2006.  ALPA was complicit in the permanent medical grounding of FAA/DHS/Sarbanes-Oxley whistleblower Captain Hanley in December 2003:

From: "Dan Hanley"
To:       "John Prater" ,
          "Mark Seal" ,
          "Mark Bathurst"
Cc:    "Michael Lynch"
Subject: Whistleblowing United Pilots Assn
Date: Mon, 7 Aug 2006 18:38:00 -0400


When I previously advised the three of you via email/phone conversation that there is solid evidence of judicial corruption in the Seventh Circuit Court system surrounding the United bankruptcy/pension termination (re Michael Lynch/McCook Metals LLC bankruptcy), and none of you appear to be interested in this fact, I have to admit that I was rather bewildered.

It would seem to me that ALPA legal department would at least desire some background information on the case to determine its relevance for possible litigation by the union.  I am presently working with others to engage numerous politicos and law enforcement officials in this situation.  I certainly hope that ALPA is actively engaged in similar activity as well.  If not, it does cause one to question the rationale for this apparent disinterest. 

I'll be in touch.





I, Michael W. Lynch, being first duly sworn, on oath, states as follows:

  1. I am of legal age and competent.  This affidavit is made on my personal knowledge of all matters set forth and referenced herein.  If sworn and called as a witness in this case, I could, and I would, testify competently as to each fact set forth and incorporated herein by reference.

2.     The alleged facts supported with attached evidence are true and correct to the best of my personal knowledge of the facts and evidence.

3.     The alleged facts stated without attached evidence I believe to be true and correct to the best of my personal knowledge, information and belief.

4.     With the assistance of local and national organizations and individuals, I have caused to have turned over to civil and criminal authorities and multiple media entities material evidence confirming the existence of an alleged organized, nation-wide criminal enterprise involving officers of state and federal courts who exploit litigants for their personal financial gain and who unlawfully manipulate and exploit the judicial system at the expense of state and federal taxpayers as well as for their personal financial gain in violation of state and federal tax laws.

5.     I am of information and belief that multiple judges and lawyers are aware of and/or are involved in the alleged criminal acts by state and federal court agents.  That in alleged violation of Illinois Supreme Court Code of Judicial Conduct Rule 63(B)(3)(a) and/or Rules of Professional Conduct Rules 8.3 and 8.4, these members of the bench and bar have not reported these alleged illegal acts to the appropriate authorities, thereby conspiring with same, and/or have directly committed these alleged acts.  By law, all should have their law licenses permanently revoked and/or be removed from the bench instanter

6.     I am of information and belief that American citizens have been retaliated against for attempting to obey their civil and moral duties as members of a free democracy to expose these unlawful acts by state and federal court agents including but not limited to retaliation by means of judicial kidnapping of children, false incarceration after being “framed” by criminal elements in civil and criminal authorities, impoverishment, coercion under duress, and serious physical injury up to and including death.

7.     I am of information and belief that alleged criminal elements in the state and federal courts located in Chicago, Illinois have targeted myself and my family, specifically, my wife, my children, and my brother, Kevin, for alleged illegal acts in retaliation for my apparent exposure of their alleged criminal acts in my state and federal court records and to the media.

8.     Myself and my family are experiencing significant psychological stress and emotional distress as a result of apparent actions by state and federal court agents which I am of information and belief meet the elements of tampering with and retaliating against witnesses in current and potential civil and/or criminal official proceedings. 

9.     We are shouldering this cross with our faith and trust in God.

  1. The June 19, 2006 national press release of the organization, Illinois Family Court Accountability Advocates (IFCAA), of which I am a member and have accepted a position on the board, resulted in a significant response.  With the help of hired professionals and multiple courageous individuals and organizations within Illinois and across the country from New York to California, I have discovered and released to multiple entities the bank accounts, real estate holdings, trust accounts, and fake real estate deeds of multiple allegedly corrupt judges and attorneys involved in IFCAA members’ cases.

11.  I have material evidence to prove the factual allegation that organized crime has infiltrated state and federal trial, bankruptcy and reviewing courts in Chicago, Illinois.  Said alleged systemic corruption involves courts in which criminal elements of the bench and bar in partnership with an organized crime enterprise have access to private and government funds, namely, the bankruptcy, family, and probate courts.

  1. I am of information and belief that the Operation Greylord investigation and convictions only touched a percentage of the total number of allegedly corrupt state and federal court agents in Chicago. Evidence indicates that an alleged organized criminal enterprise has evolved with judges and other state and federal court agents in partnership with the “X” Family of Phoenix, Arizona which is now dominating ongoing judicial bribery rackets in Illinois.

  1. I am of information and belief that the Arizona family founded by “X,” who was originally from another area of the country, relocated to Arizona to allegedly expand the criminal rackets within that state. For many years, the mafia held to their traditional lines of business. This generation of the “X” Family is referred to as the “Old Guard.” (“OG”)

  1. I am of information and belief that, subsequently, the sons of “X,” specifically, “X” and “X,” allegedly moved into traditional white collar crimes involving government monies and government officials including but not limited to judges. Evidence currently validates that fixing cases for large corporations was a far more lucrative enterprise and relatively unopposed and safe as compared to the traditional illicit “sin” rackets, e.g., prostitution, gambling, et al.

  1. I am of information and belief that the “X” Sons allegedly developed a thriving business of buying off attorneys, judges, and other state and federal court agents to fix cases. However, this new enterprise created a unique problem.  It created large amount of monies that had to be hidden from the federal agents and the IRS in new and ingenious ways.

  1. I am of information and belief that to solve said problem, the family allegedly expanded and non-traditional, non-Italians became partners with the Arizona-based “X” Family.  Allegedly seven individuals with expertise in the areas now needed by the “X” Family, e.g., expertise in the law, real estate, and traditional financial vehicles, joined the “X” Family business.  This next generation criminal spin-off was born and named the East Valley Group. (“EG”)  It is allegedly composed of the following individuals:

1.     Lieutenant “A”
2.     Lieutenant “B”
3.     Attorney Lieutenant “C”
4.     Attorney Lieutenant “D”
5.     Lieutenant “E”
6.     Lieutenant “F”
7.     Lieutenant “G”

  1. I am of information and belief that the “X” Family allegedly hacked into the INSLAW software program and utilized its capabilities to wash private and government funds illegally accessed and obtained via the court system through traditional financial vehicles involving real estate properties across the country.  This is allegedly accomplished primarily though the systematic code-based creation of fraudulent documents and identity theft

18.  I am of information and belief that an alleged criminal pattern of practice constituting a racketeering enterprise is replicated across all courts in the nation in which state and federal court agents have access to private and/or government funds, namely, the bankruptcy, family, and probate courts.  These court agents or “players” include judges, lawyers, and court-appointed individuals, e.g., U.S.  Trustees, estate conservators, child attorneys, custody evaluators, therapists, supervised visitation services, etc.

  1. I am of information and belief that my fellow American, Dr. Sheila Mannix, has created a detailed summary supported with material evidence of the component of the organized criminal enterprise that has infiltrated family courts and child protective services across the country.  Alleged criminal acts have resulted in alleged fraud against the U.S. Government through gross misappropriation of government funds for personal financial gain.  Said binder of information has been distributed to multiple individuals including but not limited to civil and criminal authorities, including a connection to the Senate Judiciary Committee, and media contacts.

  1. I am of information and belief that alleged criminal judges and other players from the various state and federal courts co-mingle and funnel their illicit monies through two main Pure Trusts [Omega and Anchor], and then, ultimately, into personal individual Pure Trusts.

  1. With regard to my cases, I am of information and belief that the Chief Bankruptcy Judge of the Northern District of Illinois, Eugene R. Wedoff, allegedly joined the Arizona-based “X” Family in 1981 after he left the law firm of Jenner & Block. Over the years, Albert Jenner has represented many members of organized crime.  Previously, John B. Swartz was Chief Bankruptcy Judge for the Northern District of Illinois. At the same time he held that position, he sat on the Board of the Bank of Cicero. Then, during the Clinton Administration, Judge Sonderby was appointed Chief Judge. However, in 1986, in a forced ouster lead by Judge Marvin Aspen, Judge Wedoff was appointed Chief Judge.

  1. I am of information and belief that in August 2001, my company, McCook Metals, was forced into bankruptcy by General Electric and my law firm, Seyfarth Shaw. After suing Seyfarth Shaw in May 2002, I discovered evidence that my law firm was allegedly paid handsomely by Alcoa via the “X” Family to conspire with Alcoa and General Electric to force McCook Metals into bankruptcy and wrest control of the company from me.  Said alleged criminal acts have resulted in alleged fraud against the U.S. Government.

  1. I am of information and belief that in December 2004, I sat through five days of trial in the Seyfarth Shaw malpractice case during which witness testimony and evidence confirm the alleged malpractice and conspiracy claims against Seyfarth Shaw, GE and Alcoa.

  1. I am of information and belief that in August 2005, in the McCook Bankruptcy Case, Judge Wedoff issued a Memorandum of Opinion which he did not write.  I am of information and belief that Seyfarth Shaw’s attorneys at Miller, Shakman & Beem along with the members of the “X” Family allegedly wrote the opinion and e-mailed it to Judge Wedoff for his signature.

  1. I am of information and belief that Judge Robert Gettlemen was removed from my litigation against Seyfarth Shaw by the Chief Judge Charles Kokoras and was replaced by Judge Mark Filip, an alleged member of organized crime.

  1. The ruling from Judge Wedoff’s bankruptcy court combined with the Judge Filip ruling in my malpractice case dramatically diminished my faith in the U.S. judicial system.  Prior, my belief in the system was well-grounded given the fact that in 1999, as Chairman of McCook Metals, I sued Alcoa for anti-trust and won. In June 2005, I confronted my attorneys, Gene Murphy, Roy Brandys, Tom Cronin, Robert Crummins and Michael Duffy specifically about the probability of judicial corruption in Illinois being the cause of the unlawful rulings of Judges Wedoff and Filip.  My attorneys acknowledged that there was corruption and, moreover, that it was systemic.  However, they acknowledged that they thought that the Seyfarth Shaw case would settle due to the overwhelming amount of evidence and testimony against the firm.

  1. I requested that Gene Murphy, a former Assistant State’s Attorney, and Robert Cummins, former Board Member of the Judicial Inquiry Board, to go to the US Attorney’s office to report the judicial corruption. They refused to do so and resigned from representation of me.

  1. I am of information and belief that the gross judicial misconduct of federal trial court Judge James B. Zagel outlined in my “Verified Motion to Vacate the Orders of the Honorable James B. Zagel Entered on July 25, 2006 & August 2, 2006 Concerning the Defendant, Cummins & Cronin, LLC, and Other Relief” entered in Case No. 1:06-cv-03751 highlights the alleged illicit relationships between bench and bar.  Judge Zagel recused himself on August 7, 2006.  The August 2, 2006 order granted the Motion to Dismiss by my former law firm, Cummins & Cronin, with prejudice and met the level of fraud upon the Court as the order stated that a motions hearing had taken place which was an abject falsehood.  The matter had been removed from the motions call on said day. 

  1. In early 2006, I hired an expert in federal fraud to investigate the McCook Bankruptcy records and the expert found some stunning alleged facts including but not limited to the following:

1)     McCook Metals was never sold to the French Aluminum Company, Pechiney.
2)     Alcoa via Chairman Alain Belda and his brother Ricardo are funneling bribery monies to the “X” Family to pay off the corrupt Judges and attorneys in the McCook Metals, Longview Aluminum and Scottsboro Aluminum cases.
3)     Jenner & Block represented Pechiney in its ‘false” acquisition of McCook assets.
4)     Alcoa owns all of the manufacturing assets of McCook Metals and Scottsboro Aluminum.
5)     None of the creditors of McCook Metals have been paid.
6)     There exists a $40 million ‘Bribery Fund” that will be deposited into Judge Wedoff bank accounts.  This fund is increasing.
7)     Judge Wedoff has established a Pure Trust called ERW to hide his bribery monies from federal authorities.
8)     The US Trustees office in Chicago has been infiltrated by organized crime. US Trustees Joselph Baldi (formerly Baldini ), David Leibowitz, Gus Palioan, and former director of the US Trustees office, Ira Bodenstein.
9)     A Pure Trust named Flagship has been established buy the US Trustee Joseph Baldi to move the funds out of the McCook Metals bank account into said trust.
10) The McCook case file was opened months before the official August 2001 filing of the bankruptcy case.  This was done by Judge Wedoff, Alcoa, and Seyfarth Shaw attorneys.
11) Many key records have been put under seal by Judge Wedoff.
12) Alcoa and its officers, Alain Belda and his brother, Richardo Belda, are funding the bribery monies to Judge Wedoff.
13) US Trustee for McCook Metals Joe Baldi (formerly Baldini) is a member of the organized crime family. He has established a Pure Trust call “On Fire Investments” in Nevada to wash his bribery monies.

  1. I am of information and belief that Judge Wedoff (and other judges) allegedly use LaSalle Bank in Chicago and Wells Fargo and Northern Trust Bank in Arizona to hold and process their alleged illicit monies.  A family member of the “X” Family is allegedly employed by LaSalle Bank.  Money is allegedly wired or deposited into LaSalle Bank and then allegedly washed into real estate and Pure Trusts in Arizona. Wells Fargo Bank is allegedly the depositary bank in Arizona.  Allegedly fraudulent corporations and individuals open bank accounts and the illicit monies are allegedly deposited into these bank accounts. The alleged illicit monies are then allegedly laundered through real estate as mortgages that really never exist. All the real estate having been allegedly bought with cash via the alleged bribery funds. The alleged illicit money is then further washed from the fake mortgage proceeds into an alleged illicit Pure Trust. Those alleged illicit monies from the alleged illicit Pure Trust are allegedly used by the corrupt judges, attorneys, other court agents, or the mafia. Allegedly through the illicit use of the INSLAW software, these records conveniently disappear. Allegedly no taxes are ever paid. 

  1. I am of information and belief that in my McCook Metals’ Bankruptcy Case, the $40 million “Wedoff Bribery Fund” sits at LaSalle Bank in an account whose number I have turned over to multiple entities.

  1. I am of information and belief that these funds will be dispersed only after the “Lynch Group” opposition has been suppressed and the case is closed.  The “Lynch Group” is the name that has allegedly been given to the courageous Americans who have taken on the apparent infiltration of organized crime in the U.S judiciary.

  1. I am of information and belief that the EG is very active in Judge Wedoff’s bankruptcy courtroom and allegedly engaged in allegedly illegal acts with Judge Wedoff in the United Airlines bankruptcy case at great cost to the American people.

  1. I am of information and belief that Lieutenant “A” and Alcoa attorneys, John Wilson and Russ Porter, write and edit Chief Bankruptcy Judge Wedoff rulings including but not limited to the Memorandum of Opinions in my personal bankruptcy case and the bankruptcy cases of my companies, Longview Aluminum and McCook Metals.

  1. I am of information and belief that Lieutenant “B” has access to the Federal Court Building via false Federal Marshall credentials.

  1. I am of information and belief that US Trustees Joseph Baldi , David Leibowitz and Gus Palioan are allegedly active partners with the EG and Judge Wedoff.

  1. I am of information and belief that Chief Bankruptcy Judge Wedoff allegedly hides his bribery monies in Pure Trust called ERW and uses the alias of John Williams, as his own trustee.

  1. I am of information and belief that Chief Bankruptcy Judge Wedoff also is a participant with other judges in Pure Trusts called Anchor and Omega Holdings.

  1. I am of information and belief that multiple lawyers of prominent law firms are allegedly members with multiple judges in the Arizona-based organized crime enterprise.

  1. I am of information and belief that organized crime has allegedly infiltrated not only the U.S. judiciary but has also allegedly infiltrated federal criminal investigation and prosecution agencies.  I have disseminated evidence regarding the identities of these individuals.

  1. I have attached to this affidavit a smattering of material evidence which support my factual allegations herein.

  1. I am of information and belief that the following individuals are allegedly engaged in criminal acts in concert with an alleged organized crime enterprise:

            State Court:
Karen G. Shields
James G. Donegan
James F. Henry
Alexander P. White
Barbara Disko
Stuart Nudelman

Federal Court:
Eugene R. Wedoff
John B. Swartz
Mark R. Filip
William Bauer

Enrico Mirabelli
Robert Cummins
Gene Murphy
Joseph Baldi
David Leibowitz
Michael Braun
David Wessel
Richard Ungaretti

Chicago Businessmen:
            Mario D’Agostino
            Dominic Forte
            Businessman #3

43.  Further affiant sayeth naught.


SUBSCRIBED and SWORN before me on
this ­­­11th day of October,2006.


Two Affidavits by federal fraud investigator, Sydney Perceful
Anchor, Omega, and ERW trusts.

Business Wire Press Release

Michael W. Lynch – Former Chairman of McCook Metals – Ordered by Judge Eugene R. Wedoff to be unlawfully taken into custody

CHICAGO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Aug. 22, 2006–Michael Lynch announces that on July 20, 2006, after refusing to dismiss the case in alleged violation of law, Judge Eugene R. Wedoff, Chief Judge of the US Bankruptcy Court for the Northern District, ordered him to be taken into custody, handcuffed, and escorted by a swarm of federal marshals to a forced 341 examination. Mr. Lynch was at no time read his rights in gross violation of law.
According to Lynch, before being taken into custody, Mr. Lynch clarified on the record that Judge Wedoff was committing an act of coercion under duress by directly addressing the chief bankruptcy judge with the question, if he left the building, then he would be picked up by federal marshals and forced to sit for the interrogation? Judge Wedoff answered, “Yes.”

Lynch claims Judge Wedoff’s actions in alleged violation of law and in gross violation of Mr. Lynch’s basic civil rights under the color of law are alleged retaliation for Mr. Lynch’s uncovering Judge Wedoff’s alleged participation in judicial corruption. Lynch claims that on July 20, 2006, an attorney from the law firm Winston & Strawn representing Alcoa, the past major competitor of McCook Metals in the aluminum industry, was improperly allowed to attend Mr. Lynch’s forced 341 examination despite Alcoa being a defendant in a civil RICO action pending in the Tenth Circuit US Court of Appeals in Kansas. Lynch claims evidence indicates that Alcoa allegedly is now in ownership of McCook assets despite Wedoff-appointed trustee, Joseph Baldi, accepting the bid from Pechiney, a French competitor whose bid for McCook was 80% lower than Lynch’s bid to regain his company.

Lynch claims that said attorney from the law firm of Winston & Strawn representing Alcoa is apparently Federal Appellate Judge William Bauer’s niece. Despite the apparent conflict of interest, Judge Bauer has issued rulings against Mr. Lynch in his case before the Seventh Circuit appellate court. Lynch also claims that Judge Bauer is allegedly misusing his official position to protect Alcoa.

Lynch and his legal team have uncovered an alleged conspiracy by Alcoa and the financing giant, General Electric, (GECC) to defraud the US taxpayer by raising the prices for the US military’s acquisition of aluminum for military jets. Lynch claims alleged pre-bankruptcy evidence indicates that allegedly Alcoa and GECC conspired with Judge Wedoff to force McCook Metals into bankruptcy in August 2001 and wrest control of the company from Lynch.

According to Lynch, since April 2006, when an alleged $40 million “judicial bribery fund” was discovered by an expert fraud investigator contracted by the organization, Independent Federal Fund Oversight Committee (IFFOC), Mr. Lynch has been amassing material evidence of alleged judicial, attorney, and trustee wrongdoing which is being immediately funneled to civil and criminal authorities with whom Mr. Lynch is fully cooperating.

On July 20, 2006, before ordering federal marshals to handcuff Mr. Lynch, Judge Wedoff reprimanded Lynch asserting that Lynch had been making false statements about Judge Wedoff’s financial affairs. However, on court record on March 2nd, 2006, the following exchange took place. Mr. David Price, President of IFFOC, who is investigating Judge Wedoff’s financial affairs involving his prior law firm, Jenner & Block, stated, “You asked me to identify myself, and I’m saying we found some inconsistencies in this case, including you, Your Honor, accepting residuals from Jenner & Block that not only give the appearance of conflict, but a direct conflict of interest.” Judge Wedoff made no response, did not deny the allegation, and immediately left the courtroom according to court transcripts claims Lynch. Jenner & Block represented Pechiney in the McCook Metals Case and General Electric in the United Airlines case, which is also under scrutiny according to Lynch.
Witnesses to the events of July 20, 2006 have revealed that federal marshals did not know if Mr. Lynch would remain in custody after he was escorted into the interrogation room. Two marshals entered an adjacent room in which Judge Wedoff was waiting behind the door in an apparent agitated state as evidenced by his pacing, hand wringing, and facial expression claims witness Dr. Shelia Mannix. When questioned after exiting the room with Judge Wedoff, a federal marshal confirmed that Mr. Lynch was free to go after the completion of the 341 examination.

Further, since the uncovering of the alleged bribery fund, Mr. Lynch has chosen to lawfully pursue federal actions against state and federal court agents for alleged wrongdoing that resulted in the collapse of Lynch’s McCook Metals in August 2001 and subsequent improper corporate and personal bankruptcy proceedings. However, Judge Wedoff’s refusal to grant Mr. Lynch’s motions to dismiss the improper bankruptcy proceedings indicate an alleged conspiracy to cover up alleged judicial wrongdoing and obstruction of justice according to Lynch.

Lynch claims further, on July 8th, 2006 in alleged retaliation against Lynch and his family and further alleged obstruction of justice, Judge Wedoff ordered the locks changed at the Lynch family home, thereby putting the family’s safety at risk, and ordered a turnover of all personal property including legal documents pertaining to judicial corruption in the federal court of the Northern District of Illinois.

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