Friday, June 10, 2011

June 2011 Email to Atlanta FBI Agent Mark Grant from Captain Dan Hanley

from Dan Hanley
to Atlanta FBI Agent Mark Grant ,
    Huma Hashmi-Hanley,
    Jane Keller,
    Jeanie Hanley
cc DHS IG Richard Skinner ,
DOT IG Compliance Officer Scott Harding ,
DOT Secretary Ray LaHood ,
FAA Adminstrator Randy Babbitt ,
Former UAL ALPA Chairman Captain Mark Seal ,
Michael Lynch ,
Sheila Mannix ,
Northwest Airlines Captain Field McConnell ,
Attorney General Eric Holder ,
ASST AG Lanny Breuer ,
FBI Atlanta Special Agent Brian Lamkin ,
SEC Atlanta Assistant Director Matt McNamara ,
SEC Atlanta Attorney Debbie Hampton ,
Senator Chambliss ,
Senator Isakson ,
Congressman Lynn Westmoreland ,
Congressman Westmoreland - Joe Lillis ,
"Pilots for 9/11 Truth\" Rob Balsamo" ,
"White Collar Corruption\" Dr. Jan Schwartz, PhD" ,
AAJ TV Asif Zubair,
AAJ TV Ahmed Mahboob,
ABC News 10 Reporter George Warren ,
" Captain John Hoyte",
AJC Kelly Yamanouchi ,
Al Jazeera Pakistan Bureau Chief Ahmad Muaffaq Zaidan ,
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"University of Illinois Professor of International Law Francis A. Boyle" ,
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Veterans Today Gordon Duff,
Washington Examiner Reporter Barbara Hollingsworth ,
World Trade Center Whistleblower William Rodriguez ,
Zena Crenshaw,

date    Fri, Jun 10, 2011 at 8:55 PM
subject    ATTN: Atlanta FBI Agent Mark Grant

Dear Atlanta FBI Agent Mark Grant,

Several weeks ago, along with two other Atlanta FBI agents,  you visited the home of my sister who lives in Peachtree City, Georgia inquiring of my whereabouts and expressing concern to her that somehow my life might be in danger.  You presented her with your business card and advised her to tell me that if I wished to speak with someone from the Atlanta FBI office to please give you a call.  The past two days I attempted to do just that, but was only able to leave you voice mail so I decided to email you instead.

Please take the time to review the information contained on these two pages of our blog:

I am presently living in Islamabad, Pakistan with my Pakistani bride, Huma, and recently applied for dual U.S./Pakistan citizenship while requesting that the government of Pakistan provide me with political asylum until the Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) investigation of United Airlines bankruptcy has been completed by the Atlanta SEC office and the Atlanta FBI.

Since my SOX allegations included assertions of RICO violations that are outside the SEC jurisdiction of their securities fraud investigation but directly related, it is hopeful that your office will at a minimum question the witnesses below some of which are also named on the blog pages listed above:

Judge Eugene R. Wedoff - United Airlines Federal Bankruptcy Judge

In February 2009, the Chicago FBI office turned me away at the door when I attempted to provide this office with some of the above names, as well as those of other informants and other evidence.  In writing to Attorney General Holder that day, the DC FBI Criminal Investigation Division Kenneth W. Kaiser advised me in a letter response to contact the Atlanta FBI office, as did several other Justice Department officials the past several years. Informant Michael W. Lynch led me down this treacherous path commencing in July 2006 and then bailed out on me last year leaving me hanging in the legal lurch.  I have evidence and witnesses to support this allegation.

You extended your legal hand in offering to assist me in some way. Will you please help this self-exiled whistleblower return safely to his homeland so that I may reunite with my adult children and other family members?

Very respectfully,