Thursday, May 26, 2011

Captain Dan Hanley: Naval Aviation Record


  1. I was in VT-3 around that time in Avionics and they also set a Naval Training record for 175,000 accident free flight hours in training for maintenance and pilots at VT-3 up to May, 1973. There were 160 T-28 B/C Trojan Aircraft at VT-3 South Field and 140 T-28 Trojan Aircraft at VT-2 North Field. There were a total of 300 aircraft at the base till base changes at the end of 1974, They also had a large AIMD facility at the North Field which did maintenance/avionics/engine work at that facility. Pensacola NAS is about 40 miles south of Whiting and at that time had many pilot 1st phase pilots and other Naval Squadrons at Pensacola until base closings years later. Now Whiting is a helo training base. The base goes back to WW2 and has an interesting history. Not far from there is Dothan, Alabama which houses Fort Rucker where most Army helo pilots train which is also a base with a long history. This man is a good pilot if he graduated from Naval Training.