Friday, May 20, 2011

Letter to Amnesty International


               Patriotism and Freedom of Speech in Action!                     

                        January 1, 2011
                     P.O. Box 3231
                                                 Peachtree City, Georgia 30269

Amnesty International
Salil Shetty – Secretary General
Colm O’Cuanachain – Senior Director, Campaigns
1 Easton Street

Dear Mr. Shetty and Mr. O’Cuanachain,

I currently serve as international public spokesperson for an airline grassroots safety and security advocacy group known as the Whistleblowing Airline Employees Association.  For additional information about our association, please visit our website at

Since September 11, 2001, both my personal human rights and my civil rights, as a U.S. citizen and pilot with combined military/commercial aviation experience of over 35 years have been grossly violated.  Recently, it was insinuated in a phone conversation with an agent from the FBI Joint Terrorist Task Force in Atlanta, Georgia that I may be labeled a ‘domestic terrorist’ by elements of the U.S. government, which includes the U.S. Department of Homeland Security and Department of Justice as a result of my honesty as a federal whistleblower on numerous counts.  

More specifically, kindly review the information on the pages of our website below.  I am presently a political 'refuge' in Pakistan, a man without a country, and need your assistance! 

I currently serve as the ‘Transportation Medical Whistleblower’ for the grassroots group 'Medical Whistleblower'.  Dr. Janet Parker, the executive director, is a personal friend of mine and has appealed to the United Nations for assistance on behalf of the many global medical whistleblowers.  President Barack Obama and Attorney General  Eric Holder are both keenly aware of these issues, as are Gabe Bruno, the executive director of the FAA Whistleblowers Alliance, and Kate Hanni, the executive director of, both of whom  are professional associates and personal friends of mine.  

Numerous airline pilot whistleblowers have had their careers terminated  for having spoken out as such on safety and security matters since September 11, 2001 through alleged employment of a ‘hostile work environment forced psychiatric and/or medical evaluation’, and the U.S. Department of Transportation Inspector General Scovel, Secretary of Transportation LaHood, and Federal Aviation Administrator Babbitt, as well as U.S. congressional oversight committees refuse to investigate these matters.

Additionally, I currently serve as a key witness in a $10-million civil suit filed by former Northwest Airlines Captain Field McConnell against the Air Line Pilots Association International regarding this issue, amongst several other aviation safety, security, and financial issues surrounding 9/11.

On a personal basis, the Department of Justice has repeatedly stonewalled me on many issues, including those pertaining to aviation safety and security that involve alleged violations of RICO statutes, while the Department of Justice Inspector General Fine claims to not have jurisdiction over matters such as these.  Although Attorney General Holder’s office advised me in 2009 to contact the Atlanta office of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, which I did, this office refuses to accept any evidence or witness testimony from informants and just last week agents from FBI Headquarters in Washington DC hung up on me twice when I attempted to bring these matters to their attention.

In February 2009, I paid a personal visit to the office of Chicago FBI and was advised by the interviewing agent that the Department of Justice had no intent of investigating my federal criminal allegations even though not one single piece of evidence or witness testimony had been reviewed by that office.  

It is for these and other reasons that I very recently filed a written criminal complaint with the office of the prosecutor for the International Criminal Court in The Hague, Netherlands, Mr. Luis Moreno-Ocampo. It is hoped that his office will initiate a criminal investigation of global proportions in this case since I now allege the implication of individual citizens and global organizations from numerous countries in the events of September 11, 2001.

These alleged heinous crimes against humanity not only involved serious genocidal issues, but also violations of human rights for those global citizens who attempted to exercise their freedom of speech rights, but were brutally suppressed through unconventional and unlawful means in violation with U.N. Charter and international criminal law.

The Atlanta office of the Securities and Exchange Commission is currently reviewing my Sarbanes-Oxley allegations filed in October 2007, but somehow ‘overlooked’ by the SEC Inspector General until December 2009.  The Department of Justice refuses to accept evidence in this case under their jurisdiction for investigation including allegations of judicial corruption in this case.     

Recently, I wrote a letter to the office of the Irish Minister for Justice and Law Reform Dermot Ahern petitioning his office to make an exception to Irish immigration laws in allowing me dual citizenship in that country.  Since Mr. O’Cuanachain hails from the Emerald Isle, it is hoped that he might assist me in petitioning the office of Minister Ahern in providing a waiver of requirements for dual citizenship with Ireland for me, a U.S. citizen.  

In support of my allegations legally brought before appropriate agencies of the United States federal government, as per the United Nations Universal  International Declaration of Human Rights, I strongly feel that numerous articles have been violated regarding countless human rights issues, and am currently in consultation with attorneys in Washington DC and elsewhere with the intent of filing a federal tort claim against certain individuals and agencies of the federal government in the very near future.

There is much more to my story and I will be phone contacting your office soon to speak in detail about these matters.  If a member of your staff would like additional specific information, kindly have them email me at and I will call your office.

Very respectfully,

Dan Hanley


        President Barack Obama

        Hanan Habibzai – Author/Journalist

        Dr. Ahmad Muaffaq Zaidan – Pakistan Bureau Chief, Al Jazeera News