Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Open Email To DOT Inspector General from WAEA Captain Dan Hanley


fromDan Hanley
toDOT IG Compliance Officer Scott Harding ,
Huma Hashmi ,
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Author Jeff Gates
dateWed, May 18, 2011 at 4:38 PM
subjectAn Open Email to DOT Inspector General Staffer Scott Harding
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Dear Mr. Harding,

By now you may have read this article published by my Pakistani wife, Huma, in Veterans Today.  We currently reside in Islamabad and are launching an NGO for the 'forgotten ones' in the flooded regions of Pakistan and I have recently made public declaration as a 'World Citizen'while advising the Office of the President and others of this fact.

Several months ago in a phone discussion with you, I had hoped to arrange a meeting with the staff of DOT Inspector General Calvin Scovel with many major FAA/DHS whistleblowers present, but your office advised that I might not be permitted in the DOT building should we arrive unannounced without invitation.  Shortly thereafter, Mr. Robert Westbrooks sent me a letter advising me that my case with the DOT that included RICO allegations that should have been investigated years ago by the DOJ, and which is currently under investigation by the Atlanta SEC office, was closed.

Several months ago, I sent Claim for Injury, Damage, or Death Form 95 to several offices, including your office and that of the DOJ among numerous other offices.  Recently, I received acertified letter from the DOJ advising me that they had forwarded their form to your office and subsequent to receipt of that letter, the FAA sent me a letter and once again informed me that my case was closed.  It is not.

Due process of federal law has not been served in my case.  It is provable that the DOJ was complicit in stonewalling my case that involved RICO allegations for over four years.  The Office of the President of the United States is fully aware of my case and President Obama has known since his days as a junior senator from the state of Illinois, the scene of the alleged criminal activity.  In my instance, the statute of limitations has not legally expired since the case involvesRICO statute violations of gargantuan proportions that will be proven and exposed.

It is my intent to file a claim for damages against the U.S.government in the amount of $20-million in the next few months in accordance with the time provisions of the Federal Tort Claims Act.  By the time my case reaches the docket, my allegations will be public knowledgeand I will have won my case in the court of global public opinion before the federal judge even has the chance to slam down the gavel.

See you in court, Scott.

Very respectfully,

ccDOT Secretary Ray LaHood ,
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